When it's time for you to move out, you will receive a moving out email from our support. In this e-mail we explain how you should go about the key handover and what time this should be done etc.


After that, if you have rented an apartment from a private landlord and they want to use our help, our Gig agent will contact you to make an appointment for a final inspection. You can choose whether you want to participate or not. If you choose to participate, you will be able to participate when our Gig agent does a final inspection.

(Otherwise the owner usually does the end inspections and get back to us at Renthia with the results which we forward to the tenant). 


When the final inspection is done, we at Renthia will receive a report with comments on the apartment, in this report it also says if the final inspection has been approved or not. For example, it may be that a new cleaning is needed and that damages has been detected.


Before a decision is made on how much the damage, cleaning, etc. will cost, we will share the report and pictures with the tenant. If damage has been discovered in the apartment, this process takes longer. If no damage has been detected, it will take up to 10 days to have a decision sent to their email address.