All BRF's (Bostadsrättsföreningar or "Housing Associations" handles subleasing applications in their own way. 
You need to contact your BRF before subletting and have a valid reason for subletting. Read the article below to learn more about valid reasons for subletting.

These reasons for subletting will get your application approved

There is a great uncertainty about which reasons are valid when applying to sublet your home. Below we list 5 reasons which a BRF, Bostadsrättsförening (Housing association) can not deny as valid.

1. Studies

When you are going to study in another city or country, you can sublet your home minimum one year up to three years.

2. Military services

If you are on any military service, you are allowed to sublet your home minimum one year. The lenght of your sublet depends on the length of your military services.

3. Illness

If you have an unfortunate accident which means spending a longer period in hospital, you can also rent out your home in second hand in Sweden.

4. Moving in with partner

You might find a new partner and want to live together. This is also a valid reason for subletting a home in Sweden and cannot be denied.

5. Market hinders sales

If the property market is not ready for sales, you have the right to rent out your property minimum one year (No limit applies). This reason however, is only valid for "Bostadsrätt"


If your Housing Association (BRF) denies any of these reasons for subletting, you can file a complaint to Hyresnämnden. Hyresnämndens decisions stands above the one of your Housing Association and "Hyresgästföreningen". If you believe that the decision is incorrect, forward the application to Hyresnämnden, it is free of charge.