Renthia values its customer, therefore offer a frictionless digital renting platform, completely free of charge!  We believe renting is more than just connecting homeowners with tenants and be done with it. We believe it is all about providing value from start until the day you return to your home. Renthia provides the following:

- Complete Listings

    Book a personal meeting with one of our Local Agents who meets you at the property to create a complete listing, including photos, video, inventory list and

    inspection list.

- Advertisement 

    We advertise your property to the right tenants and pay for all advertisement. Once your property is online at, it simultaneously goes live on 8            other property portals including,,, and

- Approved Tenants

    We verify all tenants and only present Approved Tenants to our homeowners. An approved tenant is a tenant who has passed the following controls:

    * Profile control

    * Reference control

    * Credit control

- Digital Contracts

    Sign a digital contract straight from your E-mail inbox. All contracts are in accordance with local laws.

- Guaranteed Payment

    All payments are processed via and you get one month's guaranteed rent, just in case the tenant wouldn't pay. 

- Free of charge

    The entire Renthia service is free of charge for you as a landlord.

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